22nd April 2014 – Adult Braces

Well it’s been a full week after the “nightmare” Tooth extractions.

I think i’m holding up pretty well, the left extraction site looks pretty healthy now but the right still looks a bit sore. Still on a bit of a baby food diet lol Just been eating soft foods, however I did manage some chicken and pasta last night! RESULT!

Still feel like i’m talking funny and find my lips keep drying out quickly so I will need to stock up on lip care.

People keep telling me that the worst part is over, here’s hoping it actually is!

Weirdly enough I seem to have become obsessed with teeth and keep watching youtube videos and reading other peoples blogs. I seem to take a lot longer cleaning my teeth and still find it quite tricky around the extraction site as I don’t want to hurt it or ruin anything.

I think the whole eating thing after an extraction is a personal thing and you should only eat what you feel comfortable eating. A lot of people have told me they were eating a few hours after an extraction, others have said they stuck to soft food the first day or so but then just ate normally. I personally found that my mouth was too tender and decided to stick to the soft food. It’s also about confidence, I wasn’t very confident about eating solid foods so that’s why I stuck to the soft food, however now I can feel myself getting a bit more confident and feel I can maybe slowly start introducing “normal” food.

My tooth on the left side next to the extraction site still feels slightly wobbly but i’m guessing this is pretty normal.

I seem to keep having dreams or should I say nightmares that all my teeth have fallen out. After reading a lot about people getting braces and having tooth extractions I don’t seem to be alone in this.

I have my next appointment tomorrow which is for my fillings which hopefully won’t be as horrific as the last appointment.

Will keep you updated tomorrow when I should hopefully find out when I will get my braces on!


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