23rd April 2014 – Adult Braces

Worried sick again about going to the dentist this morning, but I did it and I survived!

This week I was getting fillings on my bottom left side and to be honest it was a total breeze compared to last week. (I think by the end of all this my fear of dentists will be a thing of the past, or at least I hope it will be!)

No pain what so ever and I didn’t completely freak out when I heard the drill going!  It sounds silly but I am really proud of myself for getting this far and actually facing my fear head on.  If I can do it then anyone with a fear of dentists can!

The numbness is starting to wear off a little now and still no pain which is a bonus.

Complete Dental Care was definitely the right choice as the staff are great with all my stupid (probably irritating) questions and Hassan my Orthodontist is fantastic and understands that I get really anxious when I go and helps me through it perfectly.  Next appointment is next Wednesday to get a couple more fillings and then we will be ready to start on the braces.

I still feel like my teeth aren’t properly clean to be honest as I still feel like I can’t brush them the way I would normally brush them before the extractions but every day it’s all getting a little easier to get my head round and a little easier to do, I feel like I’m already getting into a more regular routine with my brushing etc. #HappyDays 🙂


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