26th April 2014 – Adult Braces

Finally I am getting back to normal with eating and I am in next to no pain. 

Feel like I am becoming obsessed with cleaning my teeth already though and I’ve not even got the braces yet! Suppose I could become worse things. Today was the first time I felt comfortable enough to go out for something to eat. Have to admit I did chicken out a bit and went for Chinese food as noodles etc seem to be my diet staple at the moment. I did feel that instantly after I had eaten I wanted to clean my teeth.

i have also been looking into putting together a travel dental kit for when I get my braces and will post pics once I have it put together. 

Kinda freaking out a little as I have an awards dinner to go to for work in a couple of weeks and I think it will be right in line with when I get my braces in. Will keep you updated on that as well. 

Will update on Wednesday after my next appointment. 



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