27th May 2014 – Adult Braces

Hi Everyone

Sorry I’ve not updated in a while.

Not much has changed since the last time, my teeth still hurt, I even drooled at a meeting!! Yes Drooled!! Still can’t eat anything like a normal person still just drinking water, TBH it’s all getting a bit boring lol  All I do now is say to people no I can’t eat that or no I can’t drink that and brush my teeth.

Bad news, the one band I have in for the moment is now stained! really upset as I have been really careful and brushed my teeth after everything I eat not sure if it was the coffee or the nicotine, probably a mixture of both tbh :-/  Going to try using one of those vape pens and see if that will take me off the cigarettes, I doubt it but it’s worth a try.

Only slight movements with my teeth, nothing too noticable.  But they must be moving if they are still sore right?? lol

Went along to the awards dinner and had to become vegetarian for the night so I was actually able to eat something.  Not many people noticed but as the night went on and everyone got a little tipsy I got the comments flooding in.  some good, some of shock that they hadn’t noticed them earlier and some just really curious.  It felt really weird brushing my teeth in a public toilet while everyone else was reapplying their lippy! lol

Next appointment is on the 5th June.  He will probably be annoyed with me because the band is stained but hey ho I may as well go the whole hog and have a curry the night before as well haha. If i’m going to stain the band then I may as well do it properly and enjoy it!!!





  1. Hi, I’m glad you found me I am quite nervous about having them on (12th June) and most other blogs are old ones! I also invested in a water flosser so glad to hear they are worthwhile as was quite expensive off Amazon.
    I’m still not sure to go with full ceramic or just partial, do you feel like some of the ceramic brackets were unnecessary?
    What job do you do? I just work in front of a computer for now but will be training to be a geography teacher in September so will be a bit daunting working closely with people while they are on…
    Mine will be approx 18 months were you given a time frame?
    Sally 🙂

    • Hi I was the exact same I was so nervous about it all. The water Flosser is an absolute life saver! I would say the bottom ones can’t be seen that much anyway so maybe the bottom could have been the metal braces but I’m glad I got the ceramic ones. I feel they are noticeable as I’m the one that’s wearing them, but when I look at photos that have been taken recently and comments from other people they really aren’t that noticeable at all. I work at a football stadium and I am constantly in meetings and customer facing. I still feel a bit awkward with them on but I am getting a lot more used to it. Mine will be approx the same length of time. 🙂

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