16th June 2014 – Adult Braces

Phoned the dentist today and he asked me to go in.

When I got there he had a look and poke about my mouth and said that the reason it had came out was because my gum was swollen and it had pushed the screw out.

As I am back for my next adjustment on the 3rd July he said he would leave it out for now to let my gum calm down and heal as if he put it back in while my gum was still swollen, it would just push out again and come loose.

He left the elastic bit in tho so that’s kind of annoying when I’m trying to eat but apart from that there are no issues.  Will update after my next appointment on the 3rd 🙂


15th June 2014 – Adult Braces

Woke up this morning and the TAD Screw on the right hand side had came out.  It’s much longer than I expected!!!

I felt sick! Had to take it off the elastic and put it into a box.  The Right hand side of my mouth has been really sore today.

As it is Sunday, I will phone the dentist first thing tomorrow morning and see what I should do.

5th June 2014 – Adult Braces

Had the first adjustment this afternoon and boy did it hurt!  I feel like my teeth are in a vice!!!

Hoping the pain and sensitivity isn’t going to be for as long as when I had them put on but the amount of pulling and tightening going on I wouldn’t be surprised if it did!

In all honesty though the whole process has really not been anywhere near as bad as I expected.  I just keep telling myself this afternoon that it’s a good thing it hurts as that means they are moving….right? :-/

Ortho said I had done a good job of keeping them clean and looking after them so that’s good.  Still struggling on with the vape pen as I don’t want anymore staining!  Think he put a few more bands in there as well today but will have a proper look when I get home.

Will post a photo later 🙂