10th May 2014 – Adult Braces

3rd day of being a brace face. Still some sensitivity but managing to chew a little better.

I knew food would get stuck in the braces but I genuinely didn’t realise how much!! Thank god I invested in a water flosser. I dread to think what I would be like without it.

A few people have been staring a bit but nothing too bad that I can’t handle it. Starting to get a bit more used to it. One thing I would say is make sure you stock up on lip care.

The real test will be my first real outing in public tonight. I’m meeting up with my friends tonight for a drink so we will see how it goes.



9th May 2014 – Adult Braces

Well yesterday was obviously the braces giving me a false sense of security!!!

I woke up last night in complete agony and again this morning 😦 I think pain killers are going to become my new best friend lol

Tried out my travel kit today and without the water flosser I still had bits of scrambled egg stuck in my teeth so needless to say the water flosser will be coming everywhere with me lol

Eating scrambled egg was ok though. Even though all my teeth feel like they are about to fall out.

Still I chose this and I’m excited to see the end result. Its a long road ahead of me but I’m determined to get there.

Still not shown them in public and I’m stressing out about the awards dinner next week. How am I going to get a clutch bag that holds a toothbrush a water flosser mouthwash and ortho wax lol

8th May 2014 – Adult Braces

Today was the dreaded day and to be honest it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

It feels really weird, but at least my speech isn’t affected #result. It just felt a bit tight when he was putting them on. 7 hours on and I have managed to eat some shepards pie and I’m in next to no pain. My teeth just feel a bit sensitive. Couldn’t chew the mince but at least I ate the mashed potatoes.

My bottom lip feels like it’s been attacked by wolverine but the ortho wax seems to have eased that slightly.

All good so far and better than expected. If I can do this anyone can!!


30th April 2014 – Adult Braces

Ok so as promised an update of my latest appointment.

I had a couple more fillings today, this one wasn’t as easy as last week as apparently it was quite a deep filling and boy did I feel it! My Jaw is in agony, (My jaw tends to click out of place every so often anyways) and I think having my mouth wide open for that length of time has really strained the right side of my jaw.

Again I came straight back to work with my mouth still numb, however now it is wearing off my jaw feels like I have been in a fight with Mike Tyson!

On the plus side I have booked my appointment to get my braces fitted, next Thursday, I was looking for an afternoon appointment, mainly because I wanted to go for a pizza hut buffet beforehand lol but the only one they had available was a week on Thursday (15th) as I have an awards dinner on the 18th I thought that was a little too close for comfort, so I decided to just go with the first available appointment on the 8th. (At least this way I will have about a week and a bit to get used to them before I need to eat in public!!! lol)

Everyone keeps asking if i’m excited, to be honest no i’m more apprehensive.  It’s not something I particularly want done or will enjoy having done, however to get to that goal of straight white teeth and to help with my confidence this is what I need to do.  Not for anyone else but I need to do this for myself.

I will post the obligatory “Before” pics and let you all know how it goes!


26th April 2014 – Adult Braces

Finally I am getting back to normal with eating and I am in next to no pain. 

Feel like I am becoming obsessed with cleaning my teeth already though and I’ve not even got the braces yet! Suppose I could become worse things. Today was the first time I felt comfortable enough to go out for something to eat. Have to admit I did chicken out a bit and went for Chinese food as noodles etc seem to be my diet staple at the moment. I did feel that instantly after I had eaten I wanted to clean my teeth.

i have also been looking into putting together a travel dental kit for when I get my braces and will post pics once I have it put together. 

Kinda freaking out a little as I have an awards dinner to go to for work in a couple of weeks and I think it will be right in line with when I get my braces in. Will keep you updated on that as well. 

Will update on Wednesday after my next appointment. 


23rd April 2014 – Adult Braces

Worried sick again about going to the dentist this morning, but I did it and I survived!

This week I was getting fillings on my bottom left side and to be honest it was a total breeze compared to last week. (I think by the end of all this my fear of dentists will be a thing of the past, or at least I hope it will be!)

No pain what so ever and I didn’t completely freak out when I heard the drill going!  It sounds silly but I am really proud of myself for getting this far and actually facing my fear head on.  If I can do it then anyone with a fear of dentists can!

The numbness is starting to wear off a little now and still no pain which is a bonus.

Complete Dental Care was definitely the right choice as the staff are great with all my stupid (probably irritating) questions and Hassan my Orthodontist is fantastic and understands that I get really anxious when I go and helps me through it perfectly.  Next appointment is next Wednesday to get a couple more fillings and then we will be ready to start on the braces.

I still feel like my teeth aren’t properly clean to be honest as I still feel like I can’t brush them the way I would normally brush them before the extractions but every day it’s all getting a little easier to get my head round and a little easier to do, I feel like I’m already getting into a more regular routine with my brushing etc. #HappyDays 🙂

22nd April 2014 – Adult Braces

Well it’s been a full week after the “nightmare” Tooth extractions.

I think i’m holding up pretty well, the left extraction site looks pretty healthy now but the right still looks a bit sore. Still on a bit of a baby food diet lol Just been eating soft foods, however I did manage some chicken and pasta last night! RESULT!

Still feel like i’m talking funny and find my lips keep drying out quickly so I will need to stock up on lip care.

People keep telling me that the worst part is over, here’s hoping it actually is!

Weirdly enough I seem to have become obsessed with teeth and keep watching youtube videos and reading other peoples blogs. I seem to take a lot longer cleaning my teeth and still find it quite tricky around the extraction site as I don’t want to hurt it or ruin anything.

I think the whole eating thing after an extraction is a personal thing and you should only eat what you feel comfortable eating. A lot of people have told me they were eating a few hours after an extraction, others have said they stuck to soft food the first day or so but then just ate normally. I personally found that my mouth was too tender and decided to stick to the soft food. It’s also about confidence, I wasn’t very confident about eating solid foods so that’s why I stuck to the soft food, however now I can feel myself getting a bit more confident and feel I can maybe slowly start introducing “normal” food.

My tooth on the left side next to the extraction site still feels slightly wobbly but i’m guessing this is pretty normal.

I seem to keep having dreams or should I say nightmares that all my teeth have fallen out. After reading a lot about people getting braces and having tooth extractions I don’t seem to be alone in this.

I have my next appointment tomorrow which is for my fillings which hopefully won’t be as horrific as the last appointment.

Will keep you updated tomorrow when I should hopefully find out when I will get my braces on!