5th June 2014 – Adult Braces

Had the first adjustment this afternoon and boy did it hurt!  I feel like my teeth are in a vice!!!

Hoping the pain and sensitivity isn’t going to be for as long as when I had them put on but the amount of pulling and tightening going on I wouldn’t be surprised if it did!

In all honesty though the whole process has really not been anywhere near as bad as I expected.  I just keep telling myself this afternoon that it’s a good thing it hurts as that means they are moving….right? :-/

Ortho said I had done a good job of keeping them clean and looking after them so that’s good.  Still struggling on with the vape pen as I don’t want anymore staining!  Think he put a few more bands in there as well today but will have a proper look when I get home.

Will post a photo later 🙂


30th April 2014 – Adult Braces

Ok so as promised an update of my latest appointment.

I had a couple more fillings today, this one wasn’t as easy as last week as apparently it was quite a deep filling and boy did I feel it! My Jaw is in agony, (My jaw tends to click out of place every so often anyways) and I think having my mouth wide open for that length of time has really strained the right side of my jaw.

Again I came straight back to work with my mouth still numb, however now it is wearing off my jaw feels like I have been in a fight with Mike Tyson!

On the plus side I have booked my appointment to get my braces fitted, next Thursday, I was looking for an afternoon appointment, mainly because I wanted to go for a pizza hut buffet beforehand lol but the only one they had available was a week on Thursday (15th) as I have an awards dinner on the 18th I thought that was a little too close for comfort, so I decided to just go with the first available appointment on the 8th. (At least this way I will have about a week and a bit to get used to them before I need to eat in public!!! lol)

Everyone keeps asking if i’m excited, to be honest no i’m more apprehensive.  It’s not something I particularly want done or will enjoy having done, however to get to that goal of straight white teeth and to help with my confidence this is what I need to do.  Not for anyone else but I need to do this for myself.

I will post the obligatory “Before” pics and let you all know how it goes!


15th April 2014 – Adult Braces

Ok well today was the day I had my tooth extractions. Petrified doesn’t even cover it.

I felt sick all morning and all the way there. Still actually feel a bit sick now! Good news was that he didn’t think he needed to take any teeth from the bottom, so I have had 2 teeth from the top taken out and at the same time he inserted the anchor devices into my gums, which is good for me as I don’t need to go through 2 lots of pain!!

I’m not going to lie, it was HORRIBLE!! I hated every second of it. I even had to ask him to stop and I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish it! “slight pressure” they tell you, “ you won’t feel a thing”…….Aye right! It’s still a pair of pliers v my tooth at the end of the day and it still hurts and feels really odd and the noises are just horrific. Not only that but these anchor device things actually get screwed into your gum!!!! Yes I said that right SCREWED into your gum!

I drove home afterwards looking like the Godfather and just burst out into tears, my whole mouth was covered in blood all I can taste is blood and I can already feel the pain!! I eventually came back to work and still can’t talk properly so needless to say the phone has been put straight to voicemail.

The worst part is, all I can taste is blood and being a smoker, apparently I can’t smoke for at least the rest of the day!!! This is the time when you want a cigarette more than anything.

Having said that, I am really proud of myself for going through with it and actually getting this part done, this was the part i was dreading.

Looks like it will be soup and mashed potatoes for me for the next few nights but hopefully by then I will be ready to go back, get a filling and then make the appointment to get the braces put on.

People tend not to tell you the bad parts, I have this horrible sinking feeling thinking “Why have I done this to myself” and regretting it already, I’m sure the end result will make it all worthwhile.

Still not really sure if I can drink water as it says not to rinse your mouth for 24hours, which would be fine but does that mean I can’t drink water? Surely that would rinse it slightly? Also how long do I leave it before I can eat!? I’ve not had anything all day for worrying about getting it done and now it’s done I can’t have anything anyways!! Lol Ah well maybe all this will help with weightloss as well 😉 I’ll try not to cry too much tonight and update you tomorrow.